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Movement: WASD

Aim: Mouse

Inventory and Tasks: I

Map: M

Pause: Esc

You are in a building and you have to collect different items, open doors and escape from the building, but you have to be careful because there is something that want you to be dead!


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Corridors_Setup.zip 141 MB
Corridors_Game.zip 180 MB


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I really enjoyed the game, but there were so many alleys that I didn't know how to escape :')

But, anyway, thanks for sharing the game with us

Really enjoyed this, thanks for making it and sharing! :) Only feedback would be that a little more clarity in how it hears/detects you (other than visually) would improve things as it's a little hard to tell what you're doing wrong at times :))

Super fun game! Our playthrough just came out this morning if you're interested! 

Que buen juego de terror, en serio, aunque no pude escapar del edificio porque no pude, lo que fue raro y eso que hice todo lo que decía pero de todas formas no lo logré pero al menos su juego me asusto mucho xD 👍

YouTuber: PatrickGame

Deleted 1 year ago

I really appreciate your feedback! I am happy you enjoyed it :D. I will do something with the sound of the monster and with the dead ends too. Maybe some hiding places.


Thank you for your video! I will try to make a game more balanced in the next update.

:D ok

eh it's pretty fun, once you know what to do you can attempt to speed run it lol but still fun game, good job!


Thank you for your video. Subscribed.

Tidy little game you have here.

The tunnel-vision effect is a bit weird but the general design is very nice.

A few things look like they belong in a different game however, such as the low-poly key-pads on the doors. Perhaps a change of textures can fix it as a box on the wall does not need a lot of polys.
I suggest you may want to decide, are they key press code pads, or swipe-card locks ? Opening a key-based unit with a card does not make sense.

The tunnel-vision is I guess supposed to be you holding a torch ?
A torch that apparently you sleep with and have on at all times taped to your head or chest.
I suggest you have the torch be the first thing to pick up.
If you move the torch to one side slightly, the player should see a less flat view as they will see the shadows on objects shift sideways (this is the same rule for using flash on a camera).
Nobody holds a torch central to their body anyway so this should be tweaked anyway.

I am in 2 minds about the burning-ball. It feels like you are being chased by an evil incense holder from a satanic church.
Not sure if it is because it is so ball-like or because it looks solid.
Have you tried it more transparent or with a less obvious edge ?
A shifting blob of smoke is perhaps the effect you are looking for, as it is a common reference in paranormal cases.
However it did occur to me that maybe something like the flying balls in the Phantasm films would also work ? Mostly just a simple silver ball. Technological looking, but possessed by evil with the ability to summon whatever blades or drills it needs to tear you apart.

Thank you for your advices these were really helpful I will do some changes on the game :D

The only real problems I had with the game was that you couldn't really hide from the thing and it would get stuck in the computer room and once it cornered you, you were pretty much dead. Other than that it was a decent game

Thank you for your feedback! I see the problem. There was a bug in the computer room but I will fix it. Anyway I subbed to your channel. :)

Thank you! When you update it I'll give it another try!


Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you for your feedback! I am happy you enjoyed it. You got a new subscriber.

Thank you so much i really appreciate it :)